North Bali

Unlike the other region in the country, North Bali is mostly formed out of a coastal area, which means that here you can find a wide range of attractive, interesting opportunities as a tourist. Some of the beaches here are remote, that is true, but there are quite few of them that will provide you with a lot of people to meet, not to mention that you’ll have lots of fun as well.

When in North Bali, you can try to visit Lovina. This is a quiet village near the coast, and here you can find corals, as well as black sand beaches. It’s amazing to check out North Bali and this particular region, because thanks to them you can see nature in all of its glory. There are trees right near the beach, something that brings a natural, exquisite and adventurous feel to the whole trip, and this is something that makes the trip to Lovina well worth it.

Seririt is yet another region to visit. It’s mostly used as a pit stop since it’s located at the crossroads near the mountains, but it does manage to bring you numerous interesting places to visit and check out. The fact that it’s near the mountains certainly makes this town a good place to pay a visit to!

Of course, then we have Singaraja. This is the largest town that you can find in North Bali and in fact this was the administrative capital of Bali. As expected, you can find numerous nations here and on top of that you can enjoy a lot of silence.

This is in fact the main benefit of North Bali, the fact that, when compared with South Bali for example, it’s a much quieter place, one that can appeal to people who want to relax rather than enjoy the nightlife for example. And with lots of Bali real estate for sale, you can’t go wrong. With numerous regions visited by tourists though, North Bali has a large potential, and even though it doesn’t have any industry other than the commerce generated by the tourists, North Bali is still a stunning place to visit and enjoy while in the area.

North Bali is a wonderful location and you need to find the best accommodation that you can if you want to get the best results. We recommend you to rent a house in Bali, because this way you will be closer to the action and thus visiting the whole North Bali region will be a lot easier. Don’t hesitate to try and experience Bali the proper way, and try to rent a house. You’ll see how much easier it is for you to enjoy the surrounding areas and having a great place to relax during the night/evenings. If you want a stellar vacation with less costs than a usual hotel accommodation, we recommend you to visit North Bali today!